The Yawning Portal Inn


The Door to Undermountain…

The Yawning Portal Inn stands on Rainrun Street in the city’s Castle Ward, two doors west of The Empty Keg Tavern. Right next to the inn, between it and the Keg, stands Mother Salinka’s House of Pleasure, a shabby, low-coin festhall.

The Yawning Portal Inn is built of stone, with a slate roof and an upper floor of guest rooms. Like both of its neigh- boring businesses, the inn announces itself to the watching world by means of a hanging signboard. The sign reads simply, “The Yawning Portal.” The words are deeply carved in a board weathered to a silvery hue that hangs by two short loops of chain from a black-painted iron pole above the front door.

Inside, the place is rambling and dingy, but it gives the impression of being comfortable rather than dirty and forbidding. Well-worn boards cover the floor. Wood paneling adorns the walls, with an elbow rail usually crowded with not-yet-empty tankards. Rich blue tapestries hang at intervals along the paneled walls. Guests entering from the street step right into the inn’s common room, which is mostly used for dining and drinking, though dominated by an old stone well in the center of the room—well-known for its access to the dungeon level of Undermountain, once the abode of the Mad Mage, Halaster.

The Yawning Portal Inn

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